Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Because One Tweet Wasn't Enough

Because One Tweet Wasn't Enough Room For A Thank You To Everyone!

May I take a small moment to say thank you to those twitterverse members that I had a face to face conversation with during the last two days at #ties11!  All these people have a great passion for doing their absolute best to make student's educational experiences exemplary!

***If I forgot someone, I sincerely apologize!


And a big thank you to @amyuelmen for being a tech leader and allowing 9 people to travel five hours to learn best technology practices in education!

Social Studies with Google

The Presenter 

Wiki Home



Apps He Has Most Success With

Why I Use It

  • Build Ideas where items are
  • Show students how voting works
  • Congressional Voting Map
  • KML files - googled Congressional sections
  • Get as close to  
  • ENTER email address in phone and it will be sent to you...
  • Have students get near congressional signs or political signs - identify 
  • Placed on Google Map
  • Students used mobile devices - don't need smartphone 
  • Battles of American Revolution - placed pins with picture and information 
  • Far more immerse learning
  • Students create maps that grow and change
  • Reinforces learning
  • pictures, text, and video

Compilation of what students learn - add information to their map as they learn about American History - WORK TO DO IN 2012-2013 school year

What I learned:
  • Browsers Matter!
  • Avoid the kitchen sink-do a little at a time but do it well
  • Sharing is key - set up a system of sharing - PUBLIC]]
Why I Use It
  • More engaging learning
  • become more visual
  • Offer more free content
  • LearnedTechnology Channel
  • USE Playlists all the time!  AGREED!!!
  • Use playlist for current events - in comment section - ADD A QUESTION - students respond in paper version or through Google Form (I would use Google Form)
  • Look for channels from CBS Online, (upload 15 min videos a day)
  • Use mobile devices to record videos and upload to YouTube
What I have learned!
  • Be Picky!
  • Preview Everything
  • Encourage student production and upload
  • Get parent signatures first
  • Make a video private if you need to 
  • Watch out for the commenters
Why I Use IT
  • Communication
  • Give students a voice
  • Personalization
  • Ownership and "buy-in"
  • A teacher should blog: post information on class blog, students blog responses on their own blog
  • GOAL; how start to blog
What I Have Learned!

  • Creating accounts - made specific directions at the beginning 
  • Updating
  • Checking 
  • Assessing-how? Formal, Informal, Did you get concepts? Can I read your opinion?
  • What's your goal?
  • Keep referencing to their blogs

Subscribe To Blogs Using Reader:
  • Make different folders for each student's blog - have them email it - I would have them complete a google form with 3-4 submission areas
  • Can also access their blogs through a link connected to reader post
  • Can also create bundles to manage blogger - more interaction - can also post to class blog
  • Can also place in Reader Play (NEED TO DO THIS)
Google Docs Use It
  • Interact with student writing 
  • become more reflective writers
  • collaborate
  • insert different comments - awesome! students can respond

Truly Rethinking Interactive Whiteboard

The Outline

The Information - on the bottom the download of the flipchart - pdf version as well

GREAT VIDEO For Rethinking Images


Extra: Jot  Jotly

Digital Hub - force to digitize content

Reinventing the IWB
The Digital Hub

Reinvent the use

Image - don't stretch a picture

Take essential question and blow it up

Make an area on a the board with a movement

Next movement on board - still just bells and whistles

Essential Question - white space is intentional

Interactive whiteboard is truly interactive -

Interactive whiteboard - can great if used well

Experiences...not a series of slides!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Images are the coolest things ever.

Use explain, estimate, discuss, identify)

Create a template and reuse picture for different lessons

USE OFF SCREEN SPACE - Make it an experience - use more than just the visual

Use of formative clicker - once you click it is what happens next - like changing a channel, you want what comes after the clicker!

Start using images!  Observations - real or fake?

VOTE, TALK, REVOTE - ability to do with whiteboard
Make inferences

Read the "Cat in the Hat" The role of text to elucidate something that was first experienced as an image!"  Use images on the whiteboard - ULTIMATE canvas.

Must tap into movement -

iSTockphoto get rid of it, make photo not blurry, show only one picture ,

Prezenation Matters!!!

Use Dropbox
Student works

BOTTOM LINE- your interactive whiteboard is a GIANT mouse pad!!!!

Use capture to current screen with whiteboard and go grab pictures from web and other places!

It is all about the image!

DeLaSalle iPad Apps







Web 2.0 that you might not know about

Onion Apple Humor

Onion Video Humor


She's funny!

Don't need a twitter account to use twitter - use gadget

Get text messages to phone from texting - get parents and students


live blogging site, set up an event room and allow people to join, then blog about whatever in the heck is going on, you can then choose sub moderators


Able to use with iPad - up to 50 people
Instant moment - no log in,

www.pinterest.com  Classroom assignment create  virtual pin board

  • Pin what interests you
  • organize based on topic, idea, need, etc
  • add text, photos, etc
  • share with other people
  • follow people by interest or name
  • free, but closed beta, request to be invite
  • all lessons plans on pinterest 
Support for Google Docs

Wunderlist:  evernote to do list

post it notes on your desktop
Add image, Has iPad app

RockMelt.com  Great new browser for social web browswer
ipad - option

Just too much information on the information, create acct. create pages for specific information
Students can subscribed to items.
Customizable newspaper
Instant Invite

  • Free!
  • Share your screen with others
  • phone numbers for conference calls
  • chat window
  • allow others to control your screen
  • creates room, allow people to enter into your computer
  • let whoever control your screen
  • use to help others!
  • allows you to set up an event online registration
  • can process credit card payments
  • accept donations
  • managing recurring events
  • number camps and waitlist
  • prints name badges and certificates
  • free for free events, 2.5% +.99 per event for each pay ticket sold
  • The grilled cheese truck in california
  • Improve student behavior and engagement by awarding and recording real-time feedback
  • print or email beautiful behavior reports to easily engage
  • iOS, iPad
  • save time by recording behaviors
  • can hook into your smart phone
  • Break down list by kid 
  • One man show, open to ideas
  • teachers sign up their class and they are provided a code
  • teacher then shares the code to parents and students
  • people sign up by testing or emailing to the code
  • students and teachers never see their corresponding numbers/emails
  • teacher can then send a message to the code which everyone signed up will get
  • can have up to 10 classes
  • currentlyu free and in beta
  • Don't know what numbers are associated with anything
  • stay in touch with no one knowing contact info
  • allows interaction between
  • allows you to accumulate articles as well as social media entries and place them on a single web page
  • includes search bar as well as drag and drop elements
  • currently beta
  • free
  • time line
  • create an account
  • story of you
  • tell your story
  • post questions and answers or friend up people you know and answer the questions they ask
  • stories can have text and photographs and are in story book form
  • all of your stories are stored in 
  • make a book
  • post it in book form on web
  • create class - celebration of learning
  • schoolwork tracker

  • interactive time line
  • custom time line
  • indoor museums

New Speaker! Keynote #2 Tuesday

Governor of Minnesota Speaking

HUGE round of applause for a former teacher!

Video Games Atarri 2600

Most Important: "Where in the World is Carmen, San Diego? 1987
Because it was the only video game that everyone agreed on!

Two Camps:
Games are bad
Games are awesome!

Who really needs help that games can provide?

Do our kids have ADD or is our world too freakin' slow?

Our kids are exposed to multi taskers

Games affect our grey matter - increases

Increase fluid intelligence in our brain

Flynn Effect: Rising IQ - Fluid

Games give us dopamine?

Can't ignore games can be positive and negative

We learn in a looping fashion.

Gamification: the proces of using game thinking and game mechanics to solve problems and engage users

Don't make everything into games!  Not every concept or framing calls looking like a game.

Mr. Pai's class: Fun and social - attractive and learn from things that fun and social  - gamification can provide this

Jay-Z - autobiography decoding - reinvigorate - turned the book into a game - took every single book  page and made it a game - The prize

Speed camera lottery: Sweden - ticket great - take this

Game in dashboard in hybrid cars - Ford Fusion - green growing plant


Give someone a small virtual props

Karma - point system that can not be turned into something in the real world

iCivics - teaching people about

killers, achievers, socializers, explorers - where do you lie Bartles' Player Typers



We are emotional animals


The Kids Are Alright

We are a sum of all teachers who taught us!

Adults are the generation that needs help.
Go play in the game world of your kids!

Gamification by Design

He was great!

The Power of Many: How to Organize Your Own Unconference

The Session

The Presenters The Presenters 



Bonus - Screen Cast O Matic  Great option 15 minutes for videoing lesson plans

Bonus From Twitter


Model that is free, goes against the traditional conference event

Participants are to plan
Difference conference models -
Summer Institute What is an edcamp?
-A conference run by attendees, participants run the conference by the passions
Ideas for session written on post cards
Vote by feet - moving to and from

NO AGENDA! People vote for ideas


K12online - forever and online - go to the past conferences

educonphilly.org Con is conversation - not presenting to you, but more conversation



Portable Hotspot - settings in Android phone


General Assembly - unconference model - people who come propose topics

Principles-open democratic, participatory, free
Preparation - venue, registration, graduate credit, speakers, marketing

Venue: get a main building - a floor
Registration - support from Hamlin staff, optional graduate credit option,
Maybe a few great speakers -
Edcamp plus Unconference

Create a Google Form: Discussion Topic, Your Name, School or Organization


Place speakers in specific spots
Voting - on poster boards, 25 minutes, while this was going creating a schedule

Collect notes - meeting words document  for creating workable document
 Created wordle after the conference
Ask: What did you like about the day?

What did they like the least?  May not have enough foundational knowledge to start the converstation

Consider placing a name -

Important - no cost, low cost

Lessons Learned
  • Build it and they will come
  • don't build it and they will come
  • blended is okay
  • keep it together
  • facilitator guide
  • fluid vs. structure

Lunch?  Provided or not
Find a sponsor - get shirt, glass

Need limit- 

$50 spin to get this into our schools

Keep people for lunch is a great conversation tool

Treat teachers well.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Blogging To Learn and Connect

The Session

Teaching together - STEM
Blogging To Learn and Connect

Define: A blog is a blend from a web and a log

Daily communication tool
Weekly wrap - up
Share information, photos, ideas with students/families
Interact with a real audience

Daily Photo Blog - Wordpress and Blogger
Weekly Update Blog

Classroom Historian - takes picture everyday and all day


Photo worth a thousand words

Weekly Blog

Picasa for creating photo sharing




Two different ways: Assignments or to Showcase Reflection
Learning log becomes a massive list of ideas

Each step is teacher directed and monitored (can be done in different order)
1. Digital Citizenship

  • Teach from the beginning

2. Posting
3. Commenting
4. Add photos and or videos
5.  Allow family members to comment on blog posts

Start With?

  • Students commenting on something
  • Starts with students writing posts

CyberSmart Curriculum lessons
What's private? Good Manners Everywhere. Is that fair?

What Makes a Good Comment

  • Related to the post, constructive and complete thought (not just a single word or short phrase)
  • Full Sentences

Discuss Good Posts:
At least three sentences
Variety of sentence beginnings
Describe/Explain thoughts
End with an "I wonder..." or question to provide for additional positive comments with students when replying!

Photos and videos
Talk about copyright laws
Insert photos or videos taken by teacher and student created

Share their classwork with family

iPads: What Can't You Do With Them?

The Session

Handed Out At Session

Called Classroom Of The Future Coach!

Place Name on White Chords

What Can't You Do?

Take Rubber Band and place it around the ipad to keep white presentation chord in place


Apps For Flash
iSwifter - copy web address FREE
Could this work with math program we used last year...will need to ask

Give a dog a bone
PhotoShop PS Express - Free - g

Digital Textbooks

Jawbone Jambox - $199 to produce blue tooth audio

What's new In iOS 5?
Keyboard settings
Shortcut - Set this up for email address! and other things to log in
Hold down word and click define and definition will show up.

QR Codes
Microsoft Code - colored
Daqri -

Primary Pad
Quick Collaborative Working area - no log in

Kaywa - QR Code Generator



Daqri - takes you to many different places - MUST GET THIS!!!!! and create!

Augmented Reality - business card -
Genuine Butterfly Effect
How To I Create It - HERE http://daqri.tumblr.com/post/6727434885/how-to-create-an-amazing-augmented-reality-business

Box.net - photos
Set up class account - no log in
Allows up load of pages


Upload - Download - Share L

Use to upload videos

Handed Out At Session!